Frequently asked questions

Are there different types of insect repellents depending on the insect?

Yes, there are different repellents depending on the insect. To have the best efficacy we recommend the use of a specific repellent for the insect you want to avoid. Before buying one you should know which insect you want to avoid and read the product labels to choose accordingly. Here you will find the full range of Newell insect repellent.

When should I use an insect repellent?

You should know that the time of greatest mosquito activity is at dusk and dawn and, therefore, it is at these times when the use of insect repellents is most recommended. It should also be applied whenever you are going to be outdoors. Before using the product, remember to read and comply with the instructions for use that appear on the label.

How often should I apply the insect repellent?

Depends on each product and is specified on the labels. Our insect repellents have a minimum of 5 hours of effective protection. Regarding Newell Forte Repellent its efficacy is up to 8 hours in temperate climates.

Are there insect repellent specific for children?
Yes, most of our repellents are of low toxicity so they can be used in children from 2 years old. However, there is a specific repellent for this children, the Newell Children's Insect Repellent, in this case, thanks to its alcohol-free formula, it is suitable for children under 1 year old.
Can I use the repellent on my face?

Yes, but don't do it directly. Apply the product on your hands and then to your face, making sure to avoid the eyes and mouth. In the case of children, do not let them apply it alone.

How should I use the insect repellent?

To achieve a complete protection, the product must be applied evenly, creating a protective barrier on all parts of the body that are not covered. Use your hands to spread it and remember to wash them after applying the product.

Can I apply insect repellent on clothes?

They should not be applyed as it can leave stains on fabrics.

Is there any product to repell lice?

Yes, the Newell Strawberry Protect Spray contains organic tea tree oil that has been traditionally used to keep lice away. This product is indicated for the prevention against lice, as well as to prevent a subsequent reinfestation after having completed the anti-lice treatment.

Do I need to eliminate all nits (lice eggs)?

Yes, you need to eliminate all nits after the treatment and we recommend using the Newell lice comb for 2-3 days after the treatment with the Newell Anti-lice lotion to be sure that we eliminate all nits (eggs).